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     Craig Caldwell's Profile

Name: Craig Caldwell
City: Rusk
Zip: 75785
About Me: Mike: Please let me know if you get this. Craig D. Caldwell “There is no enlightenment outside of daily life.” Thich Nhat Hanh (A Vietnamese Monk) The log cabin still exists. I would like to dedicate this short story to the Veterans of our Class of ’62, as well as the Veterans we married, and the Veterans who are our children and relatives: Charlie Company/ 3rd of the 187th Airborne Infantry, 101st Airborne Division/ Vietnam 1968: One morning a Lt. and a Sgt. are walking with a Platoon through the jungle. They are headed back to a VC dug in fortification which they had found the day before. We are going to blow it up. They come to an open area near the fort. The Lt. has a bright idea. Recon by Fire !! ( something he learned in Infantry Officer Basic Course) So the Lt lines up the platoon and has every one fire off a clip, in a direction across the opening. The Lt is not exactly sure of the location of any friendlies, but checks with his "6" to tell him what is about to happen and gets the ok. The order goes out to "FIRE"!!! Everyone has a good time, I think even the Sgt may have fired off a clip. There is no return small arms fire. The Lt, a smile on his face, gives the order to Move Out across the opening. The Sgt., thought the Recon by fire was good, but also wondered about giving away the location of the Platoon. Also the exact location of other friendly forces in the area was worrisome. But the Lt. had a magic wooden frog on this belt, and the damned thing seemed to be working pretty well. So the Sgt. has the radio hand set close to his ear, listening. And soon there is a booming in the distance. And the Sgt starts shouting "CHECK FIRE!! CHECK FIRE!!" The Lt. knows that when the Sgt. calls out "Check Fire" something is up and usually it is an IMMEDIATE PROBLEM. And the Lt. starts following the Sgt's lead. "CHECK FIRE, CHECK FIRE, CHECK FIRE!!!!" Hell, the whole Platoon is yelling it. And suddenly, 6 105 rounds land about 200 meters to the right front of the Platoon as it is crossing the open area. Those are the only 6 rounds that fall that early morning. The Platoon gets up and the Lt says, "Thank you, Sgt." and they go about their deadly work for the rest of the day. Thank God, the Frog, and, most importantly, the Sgt., another day in paradise is had by all. The Moral of this story is: Sgt's who believe in Frogs and Rangers, are wise before their time. Yelling "CHECK FIRE" in stead of "DAMN FOOL" demonstrates the Genius of Non Commissioned Officers.